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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make money?

We have built multiple ways for you to monetize your content including ad walls and pay per download

How much can I make?

We have artists making $10,000/month and we're working daily to increase that number

Can I upload anything?

Your work must be completely original, non-derivative, digital images, ringtone sounds, audio files, video files, live wallpaper, stickers, icon sets or AR files

Is it free?

Yes. There are no upfront costs to join Zedge.  Creators keep 70% of their sales revenue

"There are so many phone choices available today, why limit your uniqueness to the same boring stock wallpapers that comes with them? That's why I joined Zedge as a digital contributor, the visual possibilities are endless..." 

- DV ART DESIGNS, Artist Darren Vannoy

"Art for the masses in the modern age! Zedge provides me with a fabulous platform to insinuate my lovely apocalyptic images into the throb of the visual mainstream "

-Jon Langford

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We have a limited number of invitations to share at this point. If you receive an invitation, you will be required to agree to our non-exclusive terms of service.

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